We offer a range of training options

Training to cover administration, user or integration

User actions
Any new business application, with a user interface requires some form of training Training ads value to make your staff use the full potential of the software from day 1.
DCM EasyDocs and Core
DCM has a variety of user and administrative interfaces where training can assist you in the usage of the applications. Training videos are provided and everything further we can assist with.
Administrator actions
Any new business application with a user and administrative interface requires training
Teleform and LiquidOffice
Teleform and LiquidOffice have wide variety of training options from user, designer and full administrative training options

The right application knowledge will speed your transformation up and your return on investment

DCMEasyDocs, a powerful capture and storage system

DCM Core is an Enterprise level Capture, Index and Document Process solution for any size business.
DCM EasyDocs is an entry level document management system. Document management and storage system to store all your important and business documents. Embedded with superior OCR technology to capture, extract and index data from any document type.

OpentText Teleform and LiquidOffice document automation and eform solutions

Adding training to your system will greatly add value to the usability and adoption by your staff
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