Form design and Template creation

Form creation for printing or electronic completion

Beautiful forms

Form design module that allows the system to create structured, as well as semi-structured and non-structured forms. Well laid out form templates for easy completion

Electronic forms

All form templates can be exported as fillable PDF documents with field validations

Document data

Easily extract the electronic data form the PDF's. The data is clean and validated

Identity and functionality
Form identity is important for your brand and adding the powerful validations will ensure clean accurate data. Include and visual components and colours

Well designed form templates for customers

Makes them want to fill them out, and you get your clean data, faster

Existing forms templates
Do you have existing forms, documents that you would like to extract data from. Templates can be created of these documents and used in your process
Electronic forms
Electronic forms will be created and specified data will be available for indexing
Template definitions
Easily extract the electronic data from your scanned and electronic documents. Template definitions makes it very accurate and does not require manually checking in the majority of cases
Template integration
Templates and unstructured data extraction is closely tied in with the DCM EasyDocs and DCM Core systems

EasyDocs is an entry level document management system. Document management and storage system to store all your important and business documents. Embedded with superior OCR technology to capture, extract and index data from any document type.

Assisting any business to organise documents and to extract all the hidden information from the pages uploaded

DCM Core, a powerful document capture and processing application

DCM Core is an Enterprise level Capture, Index and Document Process solution for any size business.

On-premise or cloud multi tenant Web application, access anywhere anytime