DigiCapture Management – EasyDocs

Easily capture and create, process queues to process any document type. Index and validate extracted data, automate indexing on any document type in the cloud

DCM EasyDocs overview

EasyDocs is an entry level document management system. Document management and storage system to store all your important and business documents. Embedded with superior OCR technology to capture, extract and index data from any document type.

Assisting any business to organise documents and to extract all the hidden information from the pages uploaded

EasyDocs automation forms features

Folder containers

Easily create folder and sub-folder containers to house your documents. Folders allow for a clean system interface to easily navigate the contents that lies beneath. Sub-folder containers are linked to forms and templates to quickly allow for indexing of uploaded documents.

Forms automation and processing

Forms and templates are created to allow the Index of data from the uploaded documents. Uploaded documents are processed according to the rules specified in the forms. Sub folder can easily be linked to utilise the forms and their rules. Data collected from the form indexes will be utilisied further do the process

Secure system access

Access to the portal is per username and password and no anonymous access is available. Links and documents can not be shared, viewed by other users. Downloaded documents can be used to share.

Document types

Variety of image and document types are allowed to be uploaded. All documents uploaded to the portal is converted to flattened PDF documents. PDF viewers are also used through out the portal

Document storage

All uploaded documents are stored until marked for deletion. Uploaded can be marked for deletion at upload time and will be discarded as soon as the automated or manual indexing process has been completed. Stored documents will never be deleted.

Delivering value

EasyDocs is an entry level Document Management System with powerful OCR technology to boost and assist any size business to move them forward

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