Capture Solution Types

Document capture has a many aspects and we identify the most common use cases

Automatically capture and index of information from documents and forms. This is applicable to the majority of document types. Majority of document types can have at least 1 field value that can be used for searching.

If a document does not contain any information that can be used for indexing, then barcodes or stamp values can be utilised.

Use cases can be made for any such document types but it is strongest in the following areas:

  • Financial and Insurance Services
  • Financial statement, invoice processing in any environment where stock or services are supplied
  • Insurance claims processing
  • Factory floor and manufacturing documentation
  • Logistics and Transport
  • Medical and claim document services

Capture solution deliverables

Document capture provides the following to make the capture process a success

  • Automated document Capture and storage
  • Upload documents from scanners, email and mobile devices.
  • Captured Images are enhanced for optimal quality data extraction.
  • 3D deskewing to optimise extraction from mobile devices
  • Documents are automatically identified by classification of document types
  • Indexing – Manual indexing is reduced by automatically extracting machine printed text, tables and bar codes.
  • Business system integration – Download processed data ready for import integration
  • Index data validation – Business rules are added to ensure the indexed data is correct to reduce indexing errors.
  • Process volumes scale automatically from thousands to millions per day.
  • Template editor – Create custom extraction templates for improved accuracy.

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