DigiCapture Management – Core

DCM Core is an Enterprise level Capture, Index and Document Process solution for any size business.

On-premise or cloud multi tenant Web application, access anywhere anytime

This Enterprise Software solution to process your documents from any source and export to any location:

Core solution features

Template editor

Full functionality form template editor. Easily setup new templates using existing documents as templates. Place zones and extract only specified fields. Index fields automatically created.

Forms automation and processing

Forms and templates are created to allow the Index of data from the uploaded documents. Uploaded documents are processed according to the rules specified in the forms. Folders mapped to templates will allow for automated processing

Extraction Flow

The heart of the system is the powerful OCR processing engines. Responsible for classification, extraction and data processing. 3D deskewing and document enhancements for optimal quality and data extraction


Multiple import sources can be setup to process incoming documents.

Variety of image and document types are allowed to be uploaded. All documents uploaded to the portal is converted to flattened PDF documents. PDF viewers are also used through out the portal. Support for header files are included.

Secure system and Tenant access

Access to the portal is per username and password and no anonymous access is available. Multiple tenant access can be setup in On-premise and cloud versions.

Document field validations

Field validations via Rest API services to perform a variety of actions. Easily configured and accessible

Document storage

All uploaded documents are only stored until processing has been completed or marked for deletion.

Data export from completed indexing to a variety of system and formats. Database, CSV/TXT flat file, XML

Automated Email processing

Automated email extraction integrated with the DCM Core system. Setup and forget multiple email mailboxes and integrate email meta data and attachments.

DCM Core benefits

Paper to digital

Convert paper and all incoming documents to single digital source. Collate all your documents in a standard format for processing.

Securely stored and managed

Remove the risk of losing paper/emails and store and process the documents securely.

Automate processes

Efficiently processing your documents digitally and exposing the data that lies inside the documents.

Reduce Manual Indexing

Minimise the amount of time staff spent on working inside a document and improve staff productivity and turn around time to back end systems.

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