OpenText Teleform

Provide a paper on-ramp for document and forms-driven line of business processes using powerful design, distribution, capture and recognition technologies to eliminate time-consuming manual data entry

Teleform overview

OpenText TeleForm is an intelligent forms automation solution that provides powerful data capture software capabilities. The solution enables organizations to create and distribute forms, and automate form processing, using OCR and other recognition technologies, to eliminate time-consuming manual data entry. TeleForm automatically captures, classifies and extracts information from paper, electronic documents and forms to create accurate, process-ready content.

TeleForm enhances and accelerates digital transformation activities, Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions, and Customer Experience Management (CEM) projects, by capturing information and documents provided by customers, automating document workflows, and ensuring efficient and consistent customer workflow processes. By eliminating time-consuming manual document sorting and data entry, TeleForm streamlines document-driven business workflow and delivers a significant and rapid return on investment.

TeleForm features

Form creation and distribution

Design forms optimized for accurate data capture and automate multi-channel form distribution with powerful data merge capabilities.

Automated processing

Leverage an automated, robust and scalable product specializing in high-volume structured forms processing and seamlessly integrate with OpenText LiquidOffice for advanced routing and processing of both paper and electronic forms.

Advanced data capture

Capture important data and content using advanced technologies, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and barcode recognition.

Comprehensive structured forms scanning and data capture

Capture important data and content from MFPs, scanners, fax, email, web and smartphones. Export to databases.

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