Process Automation

The term suggests something that only large organisations can and should utilise it. If you capture 100 or 10000 documents a day or per month, you can benefit from process automation. Saving a few hours per week or per day.


Documents are received form various sources:
Scanning, Mobile devices, Email, FTP, File uploads
Unknown documents which contains unknown data
Unnamed and unclassified documents
Controlled source files, named and known


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Document Flow

Documents received flow through
Documents collected and sorted
Classified and identified
Business rules applied

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Process Index

Documents indexed and stored
Documents presented for Indexing
Data extracted and ready for distribution
Complete the process

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Export Completed

Document data ready for distribution
Completed indexed document data
Download and import into you CRM, accounting or document management system

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What is that worth to you as a business?

How much time and money can be saved by adding some outside help?

DCM Core is an Enterprise level Capture, Index and Document Process solution for any size business.
On-premise or cloud multi tenant Web application, access anywhere anytime
This Enterprise Software solution to process your documents from any source and export to any location

DCM Docs

DCMEasyDocs Storage and process

DCM EasyDocs is an entry level document management system. Document management and storage system to store all your important and business documents. Embedded with superior OCR technology to capture, extract and index data from any document type.
Assisting any business to organise documents and to extract all the hidden information from the pages uploaded

DCM Docs