Scanburst bulk scanning utility

A tool to scan bulk documents very fast. From box to search in minutes

Define multiple jobs

Jobs are created to setup various input and output types

Thumbnails and banding

View thumbnails and manipulate images at Post Scan and Pre-Export stages

View and edit document banding before split and exports are executed

Background processes

Scan new documents while background processing of exports and bar code detection occurs - no waiting for large batches to export before your scanner can be used again

Bursting and export

Export of grayscale and colour documents if scanned in that format

Burst documents from files, splitting by barcode or page counts.

Capture from paper to process in a matter of minutes

Scanburst, a powerful scan utility to compliment any capture system

With the new version it is now even easier to process your company’s documentation and get it’s paper into your backend system quickly and efficiently.

If you require an application to process high volume Twain compliant bulk scanning and splitting, then look no further.  ScanBurst will ensure an effortless scan procedure that will quickly process all the required documentation.

Email automation, a powerful utility to automatically convert email to documents

With email automation, bodies and attachments are converted and captured within in minutes for processing