Digiform Welcomes You!

Document Storage, Management and Information Management worldwide.

Who we are

DIGIform believes that any organisation, no matter how big or small, should be able to digitize their information to allow them to access to the data they need on demand. 

What we do

DigiForm specialises in document storage, management and information management.
We also create amazing websites and E-commerce sites.

How we help

Our process will assist you from beginning to end. From getting the information into the system, to processing the information, retrieving your data and applying your data.

Products / Services

DigiCapture EasyDocs
Will help you digitize your documents and enable you to start using your data in a smarter, more cost-effective way.

DigiCapture CORE
offers businesses a complete data capture solution, from automatically classifying your business documents, to updating your relevant systems with the extracted data.


High volume scanning utility to maximize scanner value

DIGIform Email Automation
Automatically extract email and attachments and present them for processing


Stunning websites from small to large websites design and e-commerce sites.


Electric Paper eForm
eForm Suite extends the TeleForm solution with the ability to create intelligent PDF and HTML forms.
Download PDF


OpenText™ TeleForm
Intelligent document and data capture
Download PDF

OpenText™ LiquidOffice
Intelligent business process automation
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OpenText™ Capture Center
Classifying and extracting data from documents: OCR, ICR and ID
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