eForm Suite: Hybrid Capturing for TeleForm

The product eForm Suite extends the TeleForm solution with the ability to create intelligent PDF and HTML forms, and to process these on an equal footing with paper based documents. Data is validated on entry, encrypted, sent and automatically processed. In the data export, eForm Suite creates an electronic confirmation and personalized forms. In this way, data capturing is fully automated, transparent and legally compliant for all parties involved.

6 high performance modules to expand your TeleForm solution

E-Form Generator

This module is directly integrated in the TeleForm Designer App and allows in extension to export any form template as an intelligent e-Form in Adobe PDF or HTML5 format. All fields created in the Designer (entry fields, image or segmented fields, single choice, multiple choice, text fields, date fields, dynamic barcodes, signatures, tables) are converted to electronic fill-in fields, field logic and plausibility rules are automatically applied. Skipping orders, mandatory and optional fields, field templates (date, license plate number, etc.) are provided as well. The eForm Suite automatically completes the forms with interactive buttons for the navigation, saving and sending of e-Forms. The e-Form Generator publishes generated forms in pre-defined directories, to a web server or other portal applications.

PDF E-Form Report

The PDF E-Form Report is available as another export feature from the TeleForm Designer App, to automate the creation of form template documentation. This is especially valuable for users who, for regulative reasons, are required to precisely document any changes in a template. Field arrangements, field types, field names and field properties are quickly accessible and visualized in a graphic representation of the form.

PDF Plus E-Form Merge

TeleForm users can set up merge jobs for reliable, high speed, mass production of electronic PDF documents containing variable text, image or 1D and 2D barcode data including the popular QR symbol. This added module provides a comprehensive job profile management to set up form merge from data sources and mapping fields for data imprint. The output is provided as PDF documents or e-Form files, directed into output directories, attached printers or custom .NET release.

E-Form Data Agent Processor

At predefined intervals, this module retrieves completed forms or their data from any chosen data source via Directory-Polling, E-Mail-Polling or FTP. This module is the ‘Reader-pendant’ for electronically received forms. The Data Agent decrypts any encrypted information sent and directs it to TeleForm for interpretation, logic checks, graphic generation, processing and exports. Individual response pages for each form can be provided.

E-Form Server Integration Module

This module is a web server enhancement to set up the E-Form data reception and tiered server links. It also serves data queries for e-Form personalization and automatic validation as well as auto-completion of form entries (database lookups). HTML5 e-Forms may be deployed as offline web applications for mobile devices through this web server enhancement, too.

 E-Form Export Connect Agents

E-Form Suite extends TeleForm with three valuable Auto-Export-Formats. They are used to set up export triggered auto-replies (Export CA for AMP) and to configure simple e-mail based routing process flows (e-Form Export CA). There is also an export format for creation of highly compressed PDF archive collections (PDF Archive Export CA).

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