Cloud and On-premise Document-solutions

Document life cycle

DCM EasyDocs is hosted as a cloud document storage and processing application. The application stores and processes documents without user interaction safely in the cloud.

This allows you to significantly reduce your internal computer infrastructure and leave the management of these servers to a trusted data center. Cloud Computing also provides an alternative to onsite document storage and costs of physical storage.

DCM uses advanced OCR, ICR, IDR, adaptive reading, and other technologies to turn documents into machine readable information. It then captures, interprets, and automatically integrates the data content in your scanned images. This significantly reduces the human interaction needed to complete transactions.

Whether you simply need to extract and access your data, or require a full end-to-end solution, including post-processing of data, we have a solution just for you. 

With DCM your digital transformation and data management has never been easier or more affordable.

DCM has two easy to use software solutions available to you:

  • DigiCapture Management EasyDocs – DCM EasyDocs is our entry level off the shelf Document Management Software
  • DigiCapture Management Core – DCM Core is our Complete Data Capturing Solution, the a – z of your business data.

Smart Solutions for Your Business

DigiCapture Management EasyDocs – DCM EasyDocs

This Software solution provides the following functionalities:

  • Extracting all data from documents imported into the system, whether the source document comes from a scanner, e-mail of a mobile gallery. 
  • Capture Key Words from specific documents that in turn extracts the value connected to it. This is then exported to Excel or even your accounting software, for example:
  • Invoice number, Claim number, Case number, Waybill number, etc. can be extracted and used as indexes
  • Full text data extraction on legal or contract documents
  • This enables you to build up a database of easily searchable information, and the ability to have access to your documents in pdf format in the cloud.

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