Legal contacts and case file case study

Legal contacts and case file case study

Contract and marital law practice

Case study details

For this case study, our client was a Divorce and Property lawyer firm. Focus on litigation, real estate, family, and divorce law. Over 1000 boxes of active legal documents were being stored with a reputable paper storage company due to a lack of physical space within their offices. On site storage was 5 cabinets that housed all the active cases younger than 2 months. During the progression of a case, certain documents would need to be retrieved from cabinet and older queries from storage. Even though the paper storage company would be accessible 24 hours per day, ti would be a 3-4 hours round trip to collect a certain file or box. Same struggle for the files stored locally, only one person had access to the paper document at one time.

The challenge

Limited access to important on and off site documentation.
Paper documents contained in files, badly marked made it difficult to find and share files, and for multiple people to have access to them at the same time. Hadnlign paper files could also damage and the risk of getting lost was high. Retrieving files was time consuming and costly from the off site storage.
Increased operational costs


After taking all costs and risks into account and presenting the benefit of storing vs digitising their legal documents, the Law firm decided that, document scanning, categorising and use of a document management system would be the solution to assist their staff and improve their service to their customers. Approximately 500 boxes or 150,000 pages of legal documents were collected from storage and structures created and in the document storage system by Digiform.


With EasyDocs Any file or document could be easily found and accessed and shared by the staff and to clients
Increasing staff productivity and time management
Delays looking for files and retrieving them was decreased by hours and sometimes days.
The paperless office saved the storage, printing and copying costs, was almost eliminated

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